4x1 SWITCHER 3G SDI - Video switcher 3G SDI 4x1

The new 4x1 3G SDI switch has 2 outputs and 4 3G SDI inputs with equalization of the input signal (Belden 1694A): 200 meters at 2.97 Gbps, 220 meters at 1.485 Gbps, and 400 meters at 270 Mbps.
Switching can take place with the front command consisting of 4 keys and a graphic display that shows the status of the input channel with the label HD or SD and the output rate.

The selection is stored to be restored at the next power on.
In addition to the manual mode, it also has the automatic mode that switches with priority from input 1 to input 4, if the signal on input 1 is missing it switches to 2.
When the signal on input 1 returns, it is switched back to input 1 again. The automatic mode is selected via the menu beyond the switching time.

The unit can be remoted via LAN with a web page (default gateway where, in addition to the status of the inputs, you can control by pressing the corresponding button which of these to send out.
On the same web page you can enter the menu for changing the IP address or the menu for updating the firmware.

The dimensions are 232mm (L) X75mm (W) x40mm (H).
The power supply is 5V 1A (with external power supply).
Weight 1.2Kg

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.