LTC Timecode Generator from NTP time


The NTPLTC generator converts the time signal taken from an NTP server into an LTC type timecode signal. The LTC output signal is on two outputs at the same time, one of the balanced type with XLR and one of the unbalanced type with BNC. In addition to the time hours minutes seconds, the LTC signal also generates the frame number and synchronizes itself with the change of the second of the NTP signal considering the network delay times. Through the LAN connection the generator synchronizes with an external NTP server. normal browser and entering the address 192.168.1. 100 it is possible to change the internal parameters such as the LAN address of the NTPLTC and the router or the address of the NTP server. By means of the reset button it is possible to reset the address to the default one that is The power supply of the device is 5V supplied by an external power supply. NTP.

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