NtpClock - NTP synchronized wall clock(POE)

Display da muro

The NTP CLOCK wall display shows the time by synchronizing with the NTP time coming from an NTP server.
It can be synchronized with a main server or in the absence of this automatically with a secondary server.
The connector is an RJ45 ethernet which can supply power to the display via POE (power over ethernet).
It also has power supply via IEC 220V connector.
Using the rear button with a pressure of 3-4 seconds, the address is reset to
With a simple press the button displays the address of the display and its gateway.
Through its address you can access the configuration web page, where you can change the IP and GATEWAY addresses or enable DHCP for automatic addressing from the router.
Always from the same page you can enter the primary and secondary NTP addresses, the time zone, and the sync time.
The brightness can be set from the web page with a value from 1 to 15.
In the event of a power failure, the clock with the internal rechargeable battery continues to provide the time for several days.
The font size is 60mm and can be seen even from a long distance.
The dimensions of the container are 435 (length) x 80mm (height) x 70mm (depth). The weight is 1100gr.
The wall support with 2 holes allows you to rotate the clock for an optimal view and lock it using the knobs on the sides.
The 220V power supply is via a cable with a Schuko connector.

Display da muro colore bianco
Rear panel
Display da muro colore ciano

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