GVI1224 - characters and color bars
generator PAL or NTSC

GVI 1224 can be used when it is necessary recognize the origin of a determined video signal, for example in: television studios, on-air rooms, systems for videoconference etc... 
GVI 1224 system allows to overlap 12 text rows of 24 characters each one on a video input.
In case of input signal lacking, the base video signal will be automatically replaced with PAL or NTSC bars color (on request).
This signal is provided by an internal PAL or NTSC generator (on request).
GVI 1224 provides a key and fill signals which are inlaying on transition video by a linear inserter.
The key and fill signals are programmed to obtain white characters with black edge.
The Sync signals necessary for the GVI 1224 come from a video input.
The characters can be moved in vertical and horizontal position. It is possible to determine independently the character’s dimensions of each row and the flashing of each character.
The short and capital characters are composed by a matrix of 10 points for 7 lines of each half-frame; so the character’s matrix in a frame is composed by 10 points for 14 lines.
The format of each row can be selected to obtain characters of 14,28,42,56 lines; equivalently the width varies with the same proportion.

The character’s selection comes through push buttons on the front panel of the apparatus.
There is a connector for external keyboard.
The external keyboard can be simple (consists the same buttons that are on the front panel of GVI 1224) or alphanumeric one (title type), making considerably easier the text’s writing.
It is possible to memorize up to 10 pages, recalling them according to the user’s requirement.
A RAM memory of the apparatus provided with rechargeable nichel-cadmium battery store the data in case of power supply lacking.
The data can be stored in case of continuous energy absence more than two years.
According to the user’s requirements, it is possible to memorize basic texts, to which it will be possible to add other characters.

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.