GIMx6 - inputs monitors identificator

By using GIMX6 (1 RU frame) you can identify the source signal without any written label or under monitor display.
GIMx6 lets you insert an identity text (1 or 2 rows of 24 characters each one) on 6 different video signals.
Through the TALLY control it is possible to display on the video the notice "ON AIR".
Without the incoming video signal, the text will be displayed on the monitor over a colored background generated by GIMx6. As soon as the incoming video signal comes back the text will be automatically displayed on the incoming video.
Thus the identity text will be displayed on the monitors both with and without the incoming video signal.

GIMx6 provides 3 outputs for each one of the 6 video input.
Available NTSC or PAL television standards.

old model of GIMx6

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