Dual VED - Dual CVBS video distribution amplifier
clamped, differential input and 2 bands equalized
DVE1: 1X4 and DVE2: 1x2

All video distribution amplifiers have the same basic function, generating from a video input several outputs.
Features such as differential input, equalizing response or clamping are not necessarily present in each model and performance differs according to specifications and features.
The Dual VED contains inside 2 independent distributors for composite video , the first one endowed with an input and 4 outputs and the second of an input and 2 outputs.
Both are endowed with differential video input for high performances, of two bands equalizier and of an 4 outputs amplifier in the case of the DVE1 and with 2 outputs in the case of the DVE2.
Thanks to the Dual VED can be corrected the errors of phase and noise introduced by the length of the coaxial cables for connection.

The Dual VED is a stand alone that can be accommodated in the ELMAN’s 1 RU RMA multifuction-system subrack which can be inserted up to three standalone modules simultaneously.
The Dual VED can be independently utilized also being the apparatus provided with its own power supply and with all the necessary connectors on a rear panel.

Technical specifications


  • Differentials
  • BNC connectors: 2


  • Number of outputs: 4 + 2
  • BNC connectors: 6


  • Equalization 0-300 meters (0-1000 ft) coaxial cable RG59 Gain and EQ settings can be accomplished with knobs for complete accuracy
  • Differential Gain>0,1%
  • Differential phase >0,15°
  • Frequency response >-0,9 dB to 15MHz
  • Hum and noise >60 dB
  • Tilt >0,5%
  • Electrical length 46 nS
  • Power supply 220 VAC - option universal psu 90-240VAC or DC psu 12V DC available
  • Power consumption 5W
  • Dimension in mm: 300x130x44
  • Weight 1,8Kg

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.