dual C/O VIDEO SDI - double change over video SDI

The DUAL C/O VIDEO SDI is a 2x1 dual professional video change over for SDI serial digital signals.
The apparatus is composed of two 2x1 SDI video change over that are independent between them.
The circuits of the two change over are realized on pull-out cards so they can be simply replaced in case of maintenance of the apparatus.
Switching can be started up by two independent remote controls: REM1 (primary) and REM2 (secondary) but only one at a time can work. The REM1 remote control decides to keep the control of the apparatus or to give it to the REM2 secondary remote control.
The apparatus is equipped with a GPI EMERGENZA (GPI emergency) output (back panel) with normally open contact that is started up (closed) when EMERGENZA (emergency) input is selected from the keyboard of the remote control.
The apparatus is realized in a 1 RU metallic box and is equipped with a double power supply that guarantees the working of the DUAL C/O VIDEO SDI even if one of the two power supplies is damaged.

Remote control

Every remote control can be used to control untill 6 DUAL C/O VIDEO SDI.
On the frontal panel of the remote control are placed three buttons equipped with a protection cover against accidental manoeuvres. From left to right are placed the following keys:

  • PRINCIPALE/EMERGENZA (Main/emergency)-  through this button the main signal or the emergency signal are sent to output.
  • REM P/REM S- through this button the primary or secondary remote control can be started up (this button works only on the main remote control)
  • TEST/AUDIO – this key of remote control is responsible for to the control of another apparatus called C/O AUDIO SDI that is responsible for the audio analogic and SDI switching.

pannello frontale comando remoto
pannello posteriore comando remoto

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.