CAV2SDI - video format converter
from analog components video (Y-PB-PR) to SDI

The CAV2SDI is a broadcast quality universal analogue to SDI converter.
It use 12 bit over sampling ADC's with 5 lines adaptive comb filtering.
Temporal noise reduction and 3D motion adaptive YC separation offer the highest quality conversion on the market. The unit accepts YUV analogue inputs.
The unit is housed in an extremely compact and rugged aluminium case and is suitable for both field and studio applications. 


  • Universal analogue to SDI ADC
  • High speed oversampling 12 bit ADC's
  • Digital TBC and jitter filter for greater output stability
  • Temporal frame recursive noise reduction
  • Motion adaptive 3D YC separation using a 5 line comb filter
  • Automatic gain control
  • Extremely compact and rugged


Analogue input

  • Standard: YUV component 625
  • Composite: PAL
  • Connectors: three 75 ohm BNC
  • Signal level: 1 Vpp nominal
  • Retun Loss: >40 dB to 5.5 Mhz
  • CMR: >6 Vpp

SDI output

  • Standards: SMPTE 259M 270 Mb/s 625 SDI
  • Connector: one 75 ohm BNC
  • Signal Level: 800 mVpp +/- 10% (terminated)
  • Jitter: <0.15 UI with color bars input
  • Return Loss: >18 dB to 270 Mhz


  • Differential gain: < 0.4%
  • Differential phase: < 0.4%


  • Voltage: 7-12 VDC
  • Current: 600 mA at 7 V

Temperature range: 0-40 °C
Dimensions: 106 mm x 226 mm x 34 mm
Weight: 185 g

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.