You will have no more signals blackout with:

AVA-C/O automatic change over

Whenever the main video signal has a fault, the Change Over automatically switches to the audio/video emergency signals.
As soon as the preferential signal returns, it resumes the starting conditions.

The switching can be controlled manually as well as automatically, through a local or remote control.
The possible applications of this equipment are many e.g.:to switch automatically from the main signal to an alternative one (stand by) whenever the first one should have a fault during the transmission.Broadcast of an excusing message: “The transmission is going to restart as soon as possible."

It can be used to switch from the identification signal of a dumping point to the signal of the journalistic work to be dumped.
Connecting audio and video output of a VTR to the main input of the C/O this will switch to the above mentioned signals.
Finally, turning off the main signal, the C/O will go back to the identification signals.
The Audio/Video Automatic Changeover is a stand alone that can be accommodated in the ELMAN’s 1 RU multifuction-system subrack which can be inserted up to three standalone modules simultaneously.
The Audio/Video Automatic Changeover can be independently utilized also being the apparatus provided with its own power supply and with all the necessary connectors on a rear panel.


It’s available an advanced version of the automatic change over called EL2900 that has the same functions as the AVA-C/O model;  more  it has been implemented an internal timer that allows to switch the incoming signals to a certain hours of the day for 8 times ON an 8 OFF (for a total of 16 programmings).
EL2900 is a stand alone module and is equipped with an own internal power supplier; therefore it can work autonomously.
An internal battery guarantees the working of clock and the maintenance of programmings even if there isn’t  any main power.

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.