8x4 digital SDI C/O - 8 x quad digital SDI changeover

The 8 x quad digital SDI changeover is used in playout broadcast systems to give the operator an opportunity to switch immediately issuing from the main system to the emergency in the event of a failure of the equipment used in the distribution of audio/video signals: computers, hard disks, DVD players, etc ...
The 8 x quad digital SDI changeover consists of 8 groups of 4 each change over.
Each group is composed of 2 SDI change over (SDI1 and SDI2) and 2 AES Audio change over (AES1 and AES2).
Each group is controlled by the connector for remote control (9-pin D) that controls both the exchange of all change over of the group (the main or emergency).
The connectors for audio and video are both 75 ohm BNC.
The changeover is compatible with SDI and HDSDI signals.
Each remote control receives the return status from the change over providing additional information to the operator that the switch was actually made.
The device has two power inputs connectors 220 VAC and 2 internal power supply working in parallel, so can be powered from two different sources one like backup of the other.In case of power failure the outputs will be connected automatically to the main inputs.
The container is made of aluminum and is 3 units high 19 " rack.

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