VP BOX - Video Production BOX
portable tv studio PAL (or NTSC optional) 

The ELMAN is specialized since 1990 in the realization of television portable studios, sold and appreciated by the most greater broadcasting stations and production studios of the whole world.
From this experience of over 15 years and to meet the demands been born by the development of the new technologies (streaming video, videoconference, webcasting etc...) Elman has been realized the portable tv studio VP Box (Video Production BOX)

The VP Box can be used for:

• live events (sporting, artistic, political, actuality)
• personalized shots during international TV transmissions
• publicity, television spots, television sales
• documentaries and journalistic report
• video productions
• industrial video productions
• short and long films
• interview and debates
• webcasting transmissions
• video streaming conferences
• live concerts, realization of musical videoclip
• inaugurations, shows, seminars and congresses
• training of students,technical and sanitary personnel, etc...
• surgery room tv shots
• marriages, fashion exhibitions
• cultural and didactic meetings
• tv shots in cult sites

Triple monitor: two 5.6" and one 10"
video di presentazione della VPBOX

The following is a list of the apparatus contained in the system
• Triple LCD TFT MONITOR - one 10" and two 5.6" (ELMAN)
• Intercom Genius - 7 channels intercom 2 and 4 wires and Tally (ELMAN)
• VPB Audio Monitor System for audio amplification and diffusion in a 1 RU (ELMAN)
• VDE/VS 2x4 - Switcher/Video Distributor - 4 channels double video switcher + 1x6 equalized video distributor (ELMAN)
• Video Mixer Datavideo SE 500  - 4 input channels for S-Video (Y/C) and Composite
• JVC SR-HD1250 combo deck recorder for Blu-Ray, DVD, HDD, SD card with various editing and dubbing capabilities
• Audio Mixer 12 channels Behringer Xenyx 1202
• AC/DC Power Distribution - Controller for energy distribution (ELMAN)• Gooseneck service light

 VP Box Description
VP Box is a portable professional television studio in miniature, complete and easily manageable from few people.
The VP Box is realized in an elegant container of metal and wood, the VP Box has all the necessary equipment for: the television shots and for the communications between the technicians that realize it (director, cameramen etc...).
For his transport is furnished a special container with shaped inside stuffing, in which the VP Box can be placed during the trip to reduce any mechanical solicitation.
The VP Box has professional characteristics and a approachable price. 

Repeatability of commands
If you have the necessity to create a lot of rooms equipped for television shots, videostreaming and  videoconference (ministries, schools, industries, banks, etc…) and you desire your technicians not to waste time, every time, to learn the configuration and the commands of the apparatuses of every different posting (with risk of errors in the moment of the working), you can equip every room with a VP Box.The technicians will be every time of forehead to the same type of apparatuses and will be quickly ready for to operate.Moreover, being the equipment always of the same type, the job of training will be simplified.

Accessibility with every condition
When it is essential to use more television cameras connected to a control board (shots of soccer, concerts, shows...), but particular structural, logistic or of transport conditions, prevent to use one structure prepared on a o.b.van, to use a VP Box is the only alternative solution.The particular situations  in order to use VP Box, are those in which the equipment video it must travel in airplane, in ship, or with other transported material from thirds party as it happens in the tournee and the road show.Also when the zone of the tv shots it is localized in places accessible with difficulty from motor vehicles, as an example: rooms placed to the last plans of centers conferences, stand situates to the center of exhibitions spaces, small theatres, ski tracks, etc…, the VP Box represents an optimal solution.

Dedicated Production Control
In occasion of shots of world-wide interest (formula 1 gran prix, motorcycling competitions, soccer matches, etc…), to the international TV production control is placed side by side a "dedicated" production control that personalizes the program with  images coming from the own television cameras. The VP Box is used also for this scope.

The VP Box equipment includes

Triple LCD monitor
An innovative triple LCD monitor produced  by the Elman, composed from two 5.6 inch screens and from one 10 inch screen for a better vision of the images. The monitor is balancing for to improve the visualization angle. When VP Box is introduced in the container for the transport, the triple monitor is closed horizontally.

Animation of the spin movement of the triple monitor

Equipments description

Video Mixer Datavideo SE 500 - 4 input channels for S-Video (Y/C) and Composite 

SE 500 is an analogue input, digital processing video switcher. The SE-500 includes 4 groups of video input (4 x composite and 4 x S-Video), 4 channels audio mixer, 2 microphone inputs, color correction, digital video transition effects, MIDI control interface, RS-232 remote control interface and many more professional features.
Additionally, the SE-500 includes a truly unique feature Quad Preview.
This preview output displays both tally light signals, and next video effects indicator.
The operator can use one single monitor to observe four video input sources, camera activities, and video transition effects. The SE-500 has all the popular features of many more expensive mixers and it is extremely compact in size. No Genlock Required
Dual Channel Time Base Corrector and 4:2:2 frame synchronizer built in.
There is no need to run external sync to this switcher.


  • Digital Processor, high image quality
  • Backlit Switches
  • T-Bar control of digital video effect transitions
  • Four inputs of S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video
  • RS232 remote control
  • MIDI control interface
  • Tally output
  • Two microphone channels with one auxilary input audio mixer
  • Colour processor for video correction
  • Quad video preview monitor output with tally indicators on TV screen
  • Digital video effects: Split, PIP, Wipe, Fade, Dissolve, Quad


  • Video Formats: Analogue S-Video (Y/C) and Composite PAL (NTSC is available as a different model), YUV at Sony Betacam Standard

  • Video Inputs (4 Max): 4 x Composite, 4 x S-Video (Y/C)

  • Video Output: Composite and S-Video, YUV output, Quad Preview output with Tally light indicator and next video effects indicator

  • Audio Inputs: 2 x Microphone, 1 x Stereo Audio (RCA) Aux

  • Audio Output: Main output and headphone output with volume control

  • Dual Channel Full Frame Synchronizer TBC: 4:2:2, 13.5MHz

  • Digital Effects: A/B Dissolve, PIP, Quad, Split, Wipe, Fade (Digital Effects with T-Bar manual control)

  • Headphone Monitor Jack: Stereo Audio, 1.0W rms in 16 ohms

  • RS232 Data Control Port for Remote Control: Yes

  • MIDI Control Interface: Yes

  • Colour Processing: Brightness: +/-30%, Contrast: +3dB / -6dB, Colour: +6dB / -10dB

  • Video Bandwidth: Component (YUV): > 4.8MHz, S-Video (Y/C): > 4.8MHz, Composite: > 4.8MHz

  • Audio Bandwidth: 20Hz - 20kHz, +/-3dB

  • Signal/Noise Ratio (SNR): Video: > 50dB, Audio: > 70B

  • DG, DP: +/-3%, 3 degrees

  • Audio THD: > 0.1%

  • Dimensions: 380x55x245mm (W x H x D)

  • Weight: 2.1 kg

  • Power: AC 90-240v

The audio section of SE 500 is not used because for audio signals of VP Box is used the mixer Behringer Xenyx 1202.

JVC SR-HD1250 combo deck recorder for Blu-Ray, DVD, HDD, SD card
Compatible with AVCHD, HDV and DV Camcorders.

SR-HD1250 is the world’s first professional HD combo deck featuring a Blu-ray recorder, 250GB HDD, and SDHC compatible SD card slot.
The SR-HD1250 is ready to import recordings from high-definition camcorders compatible with AVCHD, HDV and DV to facilitate the creation of recordings in full HD
Once footage is imported onto the deck’s 250GB HDD from a variety of media and interfaces, HD content can be edited, archived and/or dubbed onto Blu-ray discs or down converted onto DVDs.
The entire BD or DVD disc can be recorded using the Entire Disc Dubbing. High-speed Dubbing enables for quick duplication of original HD content. 

Delivers professionally finished recordings
Users can easily and quickly make recordings of camcorder content as is or perform simple editing on the SR-HD1250 without the use of a PC.
Once this is completed, all that is left to do is burn the content onto BD/DVD discs for delivery to clients. 

Supported disc recording/playback formats
Recordings of video and still images can be made on BD-RE, BD-R, DVD-R, and DVD-RW discs, whereas JPEG still images can be recorded on SDHD and SD cards from the HDD.
For DVD discs, VR and Video recording modes are available.
Unused discs and SD cards can be formatted on the deck.
The SR-HD1250 plays titles stored on the HDD, videos on all of the aforementioned discs as well as commercially available BD-Video and DVD-Video titles*, plus music CDs. 

Create menu-supported Blu-ray discs
Blu-ray discs can be created using the BDMV (with menu) format; BDAV discs can also be created and dubbed if necessary. 

Create menu-supported Blu-ray discs
Blu-ray discs can be created using the BDMV (with menu) format; BDAV discs can also be created and dubbed if necessary. 

Compatible with camcorders supporting AVCHD, HDV, and DV formats
Multiple file formats such as AVCHD, HDV, DV, and that of JVC’s HD
Everio camcorder are supported; digital dubbing can also be performed. 

Digital interface that enhances camcorder compatibility
Interfaces such as USB, SDHC slot and i.LINK are featured to facilitate convenient connection to
camcorders and HD cameras. 

Viewing on a display monitor
Viewing of HD video on edited BD/DVD discs, SDHC/SD cards, or on the HDD directly on a display monitor is made possible by connection via an HDMI cable.
With an HDMI connection, the content containing 7.1ch surround sound can be reproduced in its
original format. 

Edit functions
Simplified editing is possible without the use of a PC.
Editing functions include creating a playlist, editing a thumbnail or chapter, delete scenes, divide and more. Of course the names of disc, title or group name as well as changing the shooting date
and time can be performed at ease. 

Flexible and bi-directional recording functions
Even without a PC, it is possible to copy video recordings onto a Blu-ray disc from an HD camcorder via the HDD or down convert video recordings and record them onto a DVD via the HDD. Dubbing (at high-speed or in a specific rec mode) between the internal HDD and Blu-ray disc/DVD or vice versa, is also possible. 

Entire Disc Dubbing function
An entire Blu-ray or DVD disc can be dubbed onto another blank disc. 

High-speed Dubbing function for prompt delivery to clients
The time it takes to dub from the internal HDD onto a Blu-ray or DVD disc can be shortened significantly via the High-speed Dubbing function that enables recording at a maximum speed of x32*. Make use of BD or DVD disc that supports high-speed recording.


Recording Function  
HDD storage capacity 250GB
Video recording system H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC),
JPEG (Still)
Audio recording system Dolby Digital, Linear PCM
Importable data format (to HDD)



Everio backup disc

Recordable Media  
Blu-ray Disc BD-R (SL/DL), BD-RE (SL/DL)*1
SD Card (Still) SDHC, SD
Playable Media  
Blu-ray Disc



SD Card (Video*2/Still) SDHC, SD
Recordable/Playable Disc Format  
Recordable BDMV (HDMV) BD-R (SL/DL), BD-RE (SL/DL)*1
disc format
disc format
DVD-Video DVD-R (SL/DL)/-RW, +RW
DVD-VR (CPRM enabled)



Everio backup disc (DVD-R/-RW)
Everio backup disk Yes
Recording Mode  
H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) AF, AN, AL,AE
Input and Output*3  
Video input/output 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω (BNC)
Audio input/output 2Vrms (pin jack)
S-video input/output Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω,
C: 0.286 Vp-p, 75 Ω
DV input 4-pin for DV, HDV IN
Remote input 3.5 mm diameter jack
Component video output Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω
CB/CR, PB/PR: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 Ω
HDMI output 19-pin type A
(Deep Color, x.v.Color, Ver.1.3a)
USB terminal USB2.0
SD memory card SDHC, SD
Supplied accessories AC power cord, audio/video
Supplied accessories cable, BNC male to RCA
female adapter, infrared remote
control unit, “AA” battery x 2
Power requirement AC 120 V, 60 Hz
Temperature operating 34 W/3.0 W
41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)
storage -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Operating position Horizontal only
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17-1/10" x 2-6/8" x 13-13/16"
(435 mm x 70 mm x 351 mm)
Weight 11.0 lbs (5.0 kg)

In the zone immediately below to the monitors it has been predisposed a lodging for the remote controller of JVC SR-HD1250.

Audio Mixer 12 inputs BEHRINGER XENYX 1202

It's a 12 inputs and 2 bus  preamps mixer

  • Highest quality 12 inputs mixer 2 bus with XENYX mic. preamplifier
  • Lowest interference, very high dynamic range
  • 2 new XENYX vanguard mic preamplifier.
  •  “British” 3 bands neoclassic EQ for a warm and musical sound

Thanks to use of the most modern circuit techniques, XENYX 1202 mixer is able to reproduce an incomparable warm analog sound.
The channels of microphones are equipped with preamp High-End XENYX Mic, which quality of sound and dynamic is comparable to that of outboard preamp and provide an incredible headroom with 130 dB dynamic spectrum.
With a bandwidth  from 10Hz to over 200Hz they allow a crystalline reproduction of various nuances.

Intercom Genius 

7 channels full/duplex and half/duplex intercom with interrupted feedback and input for external producer.
The intercom has three channels at 2 wires (for cameras) and four channels at 4 wires, to talk for examples,to an external producer, recording rooms, external o.b.van, etc...Intercom Genius has also a second function, it sends Tally information for 4 videocameras, that are transmitted on 2 wires audio line for the cameramen beltpack terminals (optional).

Audio Monitor VPB

System for audio amplification and diffusion in a 1 RU.
The two loudspeakers dedicated to middle and high frequencies are assembled inside the 1RU container, while, to the strengthening of the listening on the low frequencies, contributes a woofer installed inside the VP Box.

VDE/VS VDE/VS 2x4 - Switcher/Video Distributor

4 channels double video switcher + 1x6 equalized video distributor.

AC/DC Power Distribution - Controller for energy distribution

On the frontal panel, there are 3 switches: the first (left) is a differential switch for AC electrical net (system power), the second a "equipment" switch for the apparatuses installed inside  VP Box , the third a switch for "external" equipment outside  VP Box. 
A XLR5 female connector allows to connect directly a lamp with gooseneck flexible arm for to illuminate the zone of the commands of the mixer video without disturbing the surrounding environment.

Weight, dimensions and consumption

The total weight of the standard configuration of the VP Box visible in the photos is: 42 Kg.
The weight of the container flightcase for the transport is: 18 Kg.
The dimensions of the VP Box with all the apparatuses in position of job are (cm): 73 (W) x 57 (D) x 68 (H).  
The dimensions with the mixer audio and the monitors closed in position of transport are (cm): 53 (W) x 57 (D) x 52 (H).
The dimensions of the container for the transport are (cm): 70 (W) x 64 (D) x 64 (H).
The power absorbed by the VP Box is: 250 watt. 

VP Box inserted in the container for transport

ELMAN is able to furnish all the necessary equipments for use of  VP Box: video cameras, VCRs etc...

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.