multiformat portable television studio
DV, composite, Y/C super VHS, component YUV

ATTENTION! (the Datavideo SE-800 mixer that you see in the pictures has been replaced by model SE-600)

Genius O.B. BOX 08 Portable TV Studio is the evolution of the Genius O.B. BOX MK2 previous model from wich it takes a part of the apparatuses, whereas other apparatuses have been replaced with more recent versions and higher performances.
In comparison with MK2 model, the new Genius O.B. BOX 08 moreover changes the design of container that allowed to reduce further the dimensions of it.Genius O.B. BOX 08, even though it is a very reduced dimension TV Studio, is complete of all the necessary equipment for television production, included an intercom system.It can be used either in studio or for external shots and, in this case, it will allow to transport it with facility and rapidity in whichever place of the event, even the most inaccessible.
The heart of the Genius O.B. Box 08 is constituted by a Datavideo SE-800 four channel vision switcher (for digital and analogue video)
Thanks to use of frame memories and TBC it also allows to use television cameras and VCRs with signals asynchronous between them. 
This involves a notable acceleration of the startup operations and a saving on the purchase of equipment for synchronization and measurement, avoids moreover the use of specialized technical personnel.


  • live events (sport, art, political, actuality)
  • dedicated studio during international TV transmissions (Soccer, F1, Motorcycling etc …)
  • advertising, television spots, telesales
  • documentaries and journalistic reports 
  • productions of industrial video 
  • production of video
  • shortfilms and full-length film.
  • interviews and debates
  • webcasting transmissions 
  • videostreaming conferences
  • live concerts, realization of musical videoclip 
  • inaugurations, shows, seminars and congresses 
  • students, technical and sanitary personnel training
  • surgical videos ... 
  • Weddings, fashion parades
  • cultural and didactic meetings 
  • TV shots in cult sites

The creation of new digital video standards, together to wide diffusion of equipment for television shots that have reached together to an extreme compactness a quality video of professional level to extremely approachable costs, has suggested to ELMAN to realize the new one: Genius O.B. Box 08, the O.B. Box of fourth generation able to operate both with the classical analogical video inputs and with the new digital video inputs.

Use of New Digital Cameras
A big advantage in having inserted video digital inputs into the Genius O.B. BOX 08 is given by the possibility to use DV/firewire cameras that, further to be smaller, are able to guarantee images equals or even better than to the old analog professional cameras, but at lower prices.
The inputs of the same cameras can be used in its turn as digital VCRs. Moreover, thanks to installed “3 in 1” JVC SR DVM700* professional VCR it is possible to use material shoted on the following supports: DVD, mini DVD and mini-DV.

The following is a list of the apparatus contained in the system:

  • Triple 5.6” LCD TFT Monitor (MARSHALL V-R563P)
  • 2 wires / 4 wires Intercom + audio amplifier and tally(ELMAN)
  • Compact stereo speaker system with woofer (ELMAN)
  • 4x1 Switcher/ 1x6 Distributor (ELMAN)
  • 4 channels Audio/Video Mixer SE800 (Datavideo) 
  • JVC SR-DVM700* three-in-one digital videorecorder incorporating Mini-DV- DVCAM DVD and HARD DISK with various editing and dubbing capabilities
  • 12 channels Audio Mixer Behringer XENYX 1202 
  • AC/DC Power Distribution- Power supply system (ELMAN)
  • Gooseneck service light

Is provided a protective flightcase container according to the IATA rules.

video di presentazione della O.B. Box Genius 08


Mixer Datavideo SE-600

Mixer video SE800

Datavideo SE-600 is an eight input Standard Definition video switcher, with built in dual channel audio mixer.Multi-View output display each input, as well as Program & Preview on one monitor. Other features include audio peak-meter, clock and dual logo store.
The SE-600 is designed to excel and meet your demands whether you're working in worship, education, conducting a live outside broadcast or shooting inside a production studio.
SE-600 enables you to switch seamlessly between video and audio sources and blend high-quality digital content on the fly, even without external genlock, thanks to the built in time base corrector.


  • Six Composite Video, one DVI-D input and one DVI-I input (res. 1024x768, 60Hz)
  • Support of 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Two Composite Video, one Y:U:V / Y/C (adapter required - not supplied) and multiple auxiliary output.
  • Optional Digital Output Board: 2 x DV25 (IEEE-1394) and 2 x SDI. The flexible outputs make it easy to connect the SE-600 to external devices such as large screens, recorders, streaming and more - all at the same time
  • Dual Picture-In-Picture function
  • Multi-View output display each input, as well as Program & Preview on one monitor.
  • Built in RS-232 & GPI control interface allows you to control external devices
  • Hot key functions, allow quick access to vital functions including fade to solid colour, instant key, and more
  • Dual logo store

7 LCD TFT Full Colors Monitors: Triple 5.6" and Quadruple 4"

A collapsible support holds seven color panel flat LCD monitors that are all tiltable so one can obtain a perfect contrast vision.
They are light, have a low consumption and don't tire the eyes.  
They are compatible with the standards PAL and NTSC (autoswitching). 
The three 5.6" monitors (Marshall V-R563P) are used to see respectively: preview output  (center), program output (right), video recorder input (left). 
Every monitor (960 x 234 pixels) is equipped with 2 inputs and 2 outputs for composite video, has three tally leds (yellow, red and green) and an embedded color bar generator.
On the frontal panel of each monitor are the following controls: power, colour, hue, brightness, contrast and video1, video2, bars.
The four 4" monitors (ELMAN 4”x 4) have 4 input signals and each of them is equipped with
tally leds (red) that shows what signal is on air.
Every monitor has an loop through input

Elman 4” x 4 monitors (480 x 234 pixels) have the colour, hue and brightness control.

JVC SR-DVM700* three-in-one digital professional video recorder

JVC SR-DVM700* three-in-one digital professional video recorder incorporating digital Mini-DV, 250 GB Hard Disk and DVD recorder with various editing and dubbing capabilities.
SR DVM 700 has an input for analog signals too.

  • Video recorder on: Mini DV, 250 GB  
    Hard Disk, DVD
  • Also capable of playing back    DVCAM™ tapes
  • DV IEEE 1394 Interface
  • Capable to perform editing on H.D.
  • Capable to formulate a menu before DVD creation
  • Inputs: composite video, YC, DV.
  • Outputs: composite video, YC, 
    component, DV

By side of SR DVM700* has been prearrenged a lodging for remote control.

Audio Section

The audio signal, coupled with 4 input video, is mixed automatically by SE 800 audio/video mixer during transitions from a channel to another one.
Genius O.B. BOX 08 is also equipped with 12 inputs Audio Mixer Behringer of the rising generation: XENYX 1202. The mixer is mounted on a tip-top support  that is locked by a proper bracket during the transport.
Exploitable Inputs in XENYX 1202 are: 4 mono channels and 2 stereo channels and they can be  balanced and unbalanced.
An adapter located on the back of Genius O.B. BOX 08 allows to provide the output general audio in a balanced and unbalanced way.


12 inputs and 2 bus with preamps mixer.
Thanks to use of the most modern circuit techniques, XENYX 1202 mixer is able to reproduce an incomparable warm analog sound.The channels of microphones are equipped with preamp High-End XENYX Mic, which quality of sound and dynamic is comparable to that of outboard preamp and provide an incredible headroom with 130 dB dynamic spectrum.
With a bandwidth  from 10Hz to over 200Hz they allow a crystalline reproduction of various nuances.


  • Highest quality 12 inputs mixer 2 bus with XENYX mic. preamplifier
  • Lowest interference, very high dynamic range
  • 2 new XENYX vanguard mic preamplifier.
  •  “British” 3 bands neoclassic EQ for a warm and musical sound

AC/DC Power Distribution

On the top part of SE800 mixer is located the apparatus for control energy distribution, the AC/DC Power Distribution.
On the frontal panel, there are 3 switches: the first is a general differential switch for AC electrical net, the second is an "equipment" switch for the apparatuses installed inside Genius O.B. Box 08 , the third is a switch for "external" equipment outside Genius O.B. Box 08.
Two 5 ampere automatic switches protect the line of power supply of internal and external equipment.A XLR 5 female connector located on the right of frontal panel allows to power directly the goosenek illumination lamp with flexible arm to light up the control zone of the TV Studio without disturbing the surrounding environment 

Power Supply
The total power consumption of Genius O.B. Box 08 is about 220 W (90-240 Vac).
Thanks to the universal power supply it can be used in every area of the world.

Intercom Genius

This apparatus (in the center) has 3 distinct functions: Intercom, Listen Amplifier, Tally.
The first is a 7 channels full/duplex and semi/duplex intercom with return modulation and input for external producer.
The intercom has three 2 wires channels (for the video cameras) and four 4 wires channels for to speak, as an example, with a external producer, recording rooms , external o.b.van, etc...

Listen Amplifier and compact stereo speaker system

Audio/listen amplifier of the TV Studio is located inside the intercom and the volume is adjusted by PROGRAM control.The compact stereo speaker of the Genius O B BOX 08 is performed by a couple of  middle-high loudspeakers (the right one and the left one) placed on the top of the three 5.6” monitors and by a woofer for low frequencies located inside, on the back of apparatus.
The RMS output power is 2 watt on frontal loudspeakers and 5 watt on woofer.


In the Genius Intercom is also placed the system of sending tally informations for 4 cameras; this signal is transmitted trough the 2 wires audio line sent to beltback terminals (optional) of cameramen

Switcher/Video Distributor

The apparatus on bottom on the central zone of Genius O B BOX 08 is a 4 channels video switcher that has the function to change the input signal of VCR shown by left 5.6" monitor.
In the same apparatus is housed a 1x6 equalized video distributor  which input is connected to output of SE800 video mixer to send the signal to more users.

Genius O.B. BOX 08 Case

The external part of the container is manufactured in a black painted wood and the interior is made of a mechanical frame on which are housed all the apparatuses. This structure allowed us to reduce further the bulk in comparison with the previous version of Genius O.B. BOX.
The dimensions of the Genius O.B. BOX 08 are: (in mm.): 525 (W), 555 (H), 570 (D).
The weight of Genius O.B. BOX 08 is: 48,2 Kg.

Wire System

A particular attention has been given to the wiring of all interconnection cables among various apparatuses that are identified each one with a number placed near every connector and are illustrated in the schemes of the provided manual.

Flightcase container for transport

In order to facilitate the transport and protect the Genius O.B. Box 08, a shockproof special container is available constructed observing IATA norms.The dimensions of flightcase container are (in mm.): 650 (W), 700 (H), 700 (D).The weight of flightcase container is: 18,40 Kg.

Personalized configurations

Elman is able to furnish different versions of Genius O.B. Box 08 according to the needs of the client.On request, the Elman can realize others flightcase for the installation of CCU systems, auxiliary audio production systems or other apparatuses (to agree with the customer requirements).ELMAN is able to furnish all the necessary equipments for use of  Genius O.B. Box 08: video cameras, VCRs etc ...  

* JVC SR-DVM700 is Discontinued, Product out of date, it is replaced with JVC SR-HD1250 for Blu-ray, DVD and SD Cards, no for Mini DV cartridge. 

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.