MC4/MC4A - monitor 4" LDC TFT
PAL/NTSC autoswitching

MC4/MC4A - monitor 4" LDC TFT - front view

The MC4 LCD TFT Monitor  has a small, compact size design that makes it ideal for applications where it must fit in small spaces.
It is ideal for remote monitoring applications: camera, camcorder and can be installed in trucks, autos, airplanes, small racks & panels and any other location where a compact, high quality picture is required.

  • Bright and vivid color picture.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • Thin and Lightweight.
  • Color, contrast and brightness control.
  • Fast response - no streaking.
  • >Heavy-duty plastic black cabinet.
  • External power supply 12 VDC (not included)
  • Low Current Consumption: 250 mA

MC4/MC4A - monitor 4" LDC TFT - back view

Monitor MC4 is available also with 1/4" ball head adapter for use like viewfinder for camera

MC4/A mounted on video camera

MC4/A with ball and socket adapter


  • Standard: PAL/NTSC autoswitching
  • Active matrix TFT technology allows wide viewing angle
  • Display: 4" colour TFT LCD
  • Display resolution (dot): 480(W) x 234(H)
  • Active area (mm): 82.1(W) x 61.8(H)
  • Screen size (inch): 4.05 (Diagonal)
  • Dot pitch (mm): 0.171(W) x 0.264(H)
  • Color configuration: R.G.B delta
  • Overall dimension (mm): 120,8 (W) x 94 (H) x 30 (D)
  • Weight (g): 250 (Monitor) - 400 (MC4/A) - 180 (Power Supply)
  • Contrast ratio: 150:1
  • Rising response time: 25ms (max 50ms)
  • Typical Viewing angle: Up 10°, down 30°, left 45°, right 45°
  • External power supply (not included) (12 volts DC)
  • Current Consumption: 250 mA

MC4/MC4A - monitor 4" LDC TFT - drawing

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