Monitor dual 5.6" SDI AES TFT

Monitor dual 5.6" SDI AES TFT - front view

The Dual 5.6" SDI AES Full Colour TFT FLAT Panel Monitor Display is housed in 19"/4RU frame.
Its weight and size make it particularly suitable in those applications where space is a concerning factor.
The Dual 5.6" SDI AES is provided with a support which enables to orient the monitor in the most suitable position.
Thanks to its optimal image quality reproduction which does not strain the eyes, it is particularly suitable or those people who have to work with it for several hours a day.

Monitor dual 5.6" SDI AES TFT - front view detail

The Dual 5.6" SDI AES it is endowed with 2 balanced audio inputs (one for every video) and 1 AES digital audio input and of a 2 watts amplifier. The volume command is one for each audio input.
The video inputs can be analog or digital SDI and for each input there is a loop (with reclocker for SDI).
This monitor is available in the 19"/4RU rack version and also in desktop and portable configurations, and as for most of Elman’s equipment, it has been developed on the base of specific customers’ requirements therefore, one or more monitors can be customised according to particular requests or needs.


Display: 2 x 5.7" Colour TFT LCD
Viewable size image: 5.7"
Active display area (mm): 116.16(H)x87.12(V)
Matrix: Active
Pixel pitch (mm): 0,1815(H)x0,1815(V)

Number of pixels: 640x480
Contrast Ratio: 300:1
Display color: 262144 (6bit/colors)
Brightness (cd/m2): 220
Viewing angle (CR>=10): 140(H); 100(V)
Synchronization Range orizontal/vertical: 31.5~37.5 Khz / 60~75 Hz)
Recommended resolution: 640x480@60,75 Hz
Audio Amplifier Power: 2 watts
LED indicator: Tally
Operating Temperature: 0 - 60° C
Height: 4 RU 19"
Weight: 1,500 Kg approx.
Power: 12 V DC
Consumption: 1,4 A/12V DC
External power supply: 100 to 240 VAC input, output 12V DC

dual 5.6" sdi aes rack monitor
audio control and speaker

Monitor dual 5.6" SDI AES TFT - back view detail

Monitor dual 5.6" SDI AES TFT - back view detail

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