DT8SDI - 8" TFT desktop monitor Analog/SDI embedded

DT8SDI - 8" TFT desktop monitor Analog/SDI embedded - front view

The 8” LCD monitor DT8SDI is mounted on an adjustable desktop support and has a double video input: CVBS analog or standard SDI with audio embedded and a balanced analog stereo audio input.
The SDI video signal transports 16 audio embedded channels* that can be listened through the front loudspeakers with the possibility to select both the 4 groups and the 4 AES channels.
Two graduated led bar meters from -20 a +3 dBm allow to control the right and left levels of both analog input stereo audio signal and the digital input stereo audio signal.
The analog audio input is available on a 9 contacts D connector placed on the back panel.
On the front panel are:

  • 2 led bar meters for the control of stereo audio input
  • 2 loudspeakers for the diffusion of the stereo audio
  • a button to select one between the 4 groups of audio embedded and 4 leds that indicate the selected group
  • a button to select one between the 4 channels of audio embedded and 2 leds that indicate the couple of selected channels
  • a button for the selection of analog audio/video input (CVBS) or of the digital audio/video input (SDI embedded) and 2 leds that indicate the selected input.
  • a button to start up the OSD menu for the management of all the functions of the monitor
  • UP and DOWN buttons for the navigation inside the OSD menu
  • ROTATE button to rotate the image in case of a different use from the DESKTOP
  • POWER power button with relating indication led.

On the back panel are:

  • BNC connector for CVBS analog video input
  • BNC connector for SDI embedded video input
  • 9 contacts D connector for balanced analog stereo audio input
  • Jack socket for 12 Vcc power supply input

The power supply is 12 V and is provided from an external universal power supplier provided with an input from 110 to 220V


*The 16 audio embedded channels are subdivided into 4 groups and each of them transports two couples of stereo channels

DT8SDI - 8" TFT desktop monitor Analog/SDI embedded -back view - detail


Display: TFT LCD Colour 8”
Display resolution (points): 800 (O) x 600 (V)
Video standard: PAL/NTSC Auto Switch 1 V pp composite, SDI with audio embedded
Matrix: Active
Display active area dimensions: 162 x 121,5 mm
Brightness: 350 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 500:1
Response time: 10 ms
View angle T/D/L/R: 35°/15°/55°/55° (min)
Operating temperature: -30 – 85° C
Storage temperature: -40 - 95°C
Max dimensions in mm (included base): 319 (l) x 191,1 (h) x 100 (d)
Power supply: 12 VDC
External power supplier: 100-240 VAC input, 12VDC output

DT8SDI - 8" TFT desktop monitor Analog/SDI embeddedDT8SDI - 8" TFT desktop monitor Analog/SDI embedded - back view

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