HFx6 - handsfree x 6 intercom system

HFx6 - handsfree x 6 intercom system - all devices

HFx6 is a full duplex hands-free intercom system, consists of 6 devices EL4400/HF2 interconnected together by means of an adder apparatus ADDERx6.
HFx6 is designed to facilitate communication between those involved in the production of television programs, in ENG applications, Outside Broadcast Van and television studios.

HFx6 - handsfree x 6 intercom system - adderx6 front view
ADDERX6 front view
HFx6 - handsfree x 6 intercom system - adderx6 back view
ADDERX6 rear view

EL4400/HF2 is a handsfree terminal, full duplex, with excellent audio quality playback with built-in amplifier and speaker, has a good signal noise ratio thanks to balanced circuits through transformers, is equipped with embedded power supply.
L 'EL4400/HF2 has a circuit that in case of continuous environmental noise, automatically raises the threshold level to prevent activation of transmission of apparatus, however is available a switch on the front panel that allows you to mute the microphone.
Despite the limited space in height, only 44 mm. (1 RU), the EL4400/HF2 speaker has a high quality reproduction.The connection between devices is realized with a 4-wire system to enable high quality communications.The link to the ADDERx6 happens through a couple of cables connected to the back connectors, 2 Cannon XLR with 3 contacts, male for the output and female for the input.
The standard version of EL4400/HF2 comes with built-in microphone, on request, as an alternative to the built-in microphone, you can have on front panel a 4 contacts XLR connector for to use an external microphone gooseneck (see photo).
On the frontal panel there are:

  • knob for regulation of listening volume (level);
  • incorporated microphone;
  • switch ON / OFF for microphone activation;
  • led PWR on;
  • loudspeaker for listening.

On the back panel there are:

  • AC connector for 220 Vac;
  • female connector Cannon XLR with 3 contacts for the signal LINE IN;
  • male connector Cannon XLR with 3 contacts for the signal LINE OUT.
HFx6 - handsfree x 6 intercom system - adder and intercoms

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.