GAI - GSM audio interface

GAI - GSM audio interface - front view

There are some situations where radio reporter has to broadcast his radio service alive but he has at his disposal neither phone lines nor sat links.
In order to avoid such a matter Elman has produced GAI (GSM Audio Interface), the new equipment that allows a connection to studio by GSM phone net by an excellent audio quality.
By GAI you will be able to send your radio service fastly and all over the world where is available some GSM phone net.
This little equipment, useful into every van equipped for broadcast audio and video exterior shot, it can also utilize GSM phone net as an usual phone set line using an usual BCA receiver and the GSM full duplex phone signal change over into a 4 wireless usual conference circuit to connect to audio set.
One of the main GAI features is represented by the possibility to speak using a professional microphone and to listen directly from a loudspeaker without any noise around or any singing, thanks to a DSP circuit control (Digital Signal Processor) integrated. It allows to make interviews without any earphone.
A GSM quad band module (run all around the world ) is inside GAI.
Its functions are controlled by its keyboard and its LCD display set on the front panel.
On the back panel is set the aerial connector (male FME).
The GAI is realized in a metallic box (high 1 RU and large 1/3 RU 19").
It is available also the GAI Power Backup Box (optional) a suitecase with inside emergency battery for about 2 hours of autonomy in case of blackout of electric power line.

GAI - GSM audio interface with microphone e telephone

On the back there is a connector to use the GSM internal modem module that will start up with the next versions.


  • Quad Band Gsm module: integrated (run all around the world )
  • Supply power: 12 volts
  • Back protection fuse: 1 A.
  • No back return effects (Larsen), and no echo and cross talk, thanks to DSP integrated.
  • Front input: Microphone on XLR/F/3
  • Impedance microphone input: 10 Kohms
  • Return frequency: 250-3500 Hz (limited by mobile-phone filter).
  • Microphone level control by commutator (10db steps from 0 to 50dB) and fine control by potentiometer
  • Modulation and peak level by 2 led.
  • Back output: Jack for stereo headphone.
  • Output headphone impedance: 8 ohms
  • Headphone output loudness control
  • Front keyboard to drive internal DB GSM phone module
  • Input/output line at zero dB on back by D/F/9 connector
  • D/F/9 back connection no active (for next internal modem and computer link).

GAI - GSM audio interface - back view
GAI - GSM audio interface - suitcase
GAI Power Backup Box (optional with inside emergency battery for about 2 hours of autonomy)
GAI - GSM audio interface - rack front view
GAI - GSM audio interface - rack keyboard
GAI - GSM audio interface - rack back view
GAI - GSM audio interface -  rack xlr connectors

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.