EL4400 - intercom stations

EL4400 - intercom stations - rack front view

To resolve the communication problems between all people involved in a television production, the Elman has realized a intercom serie denominated EL4400.
The EL4400s are ideal to be used in applications: ENG, in pulman for outside broadcasting and in television studios.
All the versions have a good quality of audio reproduction and low noise, thanks to balanced circuits with transformers.
All the versions are endowed with internal power supply.

EL4400/I and EL4400/E
EL4400/I and EL4400/E system has inside a dual conference circuit that allows the communication with two different environments simultaneously.
The first conference circuit allows the communication in Full Duplex mode (hands free), while the second one in Semi Duplex (push to talk).
An incorporated microphone is situated on the front panel for model EL4400/I. 
An external gooseneck microphone is situated on the front panel for model EL4400/E. 
It is possible to exclude the microphone through a mute switch (in full duplex section).
The Semi Duplex mode works with a talk-listen push button.
An individual volume control is provided for each conference circuit.
The link is realized with a 4-wire system to allow an optimal communication. 
The audio signals are the balanced type through transformers.
The connectors for the link with other intercom systems are D9 type.
The power supply is 220 VAC.

EL4400 - intercom stations - IC front view

EL4400/IC is the console version, with single conference circuit, endowed with gooseneck microphone. 
In this version it is possible to regulate the input and output level with two trimmers accessible from the superior panel (from 0 to +15 dB)

EL4400 - intercom stations - console front view
EL4400 - intercom stations - console
EL4400 - intercom stations - console back view

EL4400/D is the rack version 1RU with double circuit semi-duplex (push to talk).

EL4400 - intercom stations - double front view

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.