Dual TBP
dual talkback plus

Dual TBP dual talkback plus - front view

The 8 channels intercom Dual TBP (Dual Talkback Plus) is ideal for TV production field and suitable for just about any communication requirement: for example:

  • Film productions,
  • Theater plays,
  • Congress meetings,
  • Sport events,
  • Commercial and industrial installations, etc.

The Dual TBP system is composed of two apparatus:

  • Engineering, reserved to the technician, and
  • Producer reserved to the Director.

Dual TBP dual talkback plus - back view

This apparatuses are connected through pin to pin cable between the LINK connectors situated on the rear panels of the same ones.Engineering allows the independently and simultaneously communication with four cameramen (beltpack or camera controls) and with 4 channels reserved to the fixed replacement (for example: conference circuit) selectable through a lever control switches combined everyone to 2 Led of status indication (talk or listen). Each of eight channels provided channels can be independently programmed for:

  • IFB (interrupted feedback)
  • Semiduplex mode
  • Full Duplex mode

Dual TBP dual talkback plus - producer front view

In the programming mode is possible to regular the compression of the microphone on 3 levels.
A couple of LCD display allows to visualize: the status of several channels (in programming mode), and the controls and functions activated from another intercom pressing the STATUS button. 
Producer has the same functions described for the Engineering except:

  • The Producer can talk and listen all the camera through a lever control
  • It is disabled the programming of the functions: Duplex, Semiduplex, IFB (interrupted feedback)

Dual TBP dual talkback plus - producer back view


  • Standard 19" 1RU frame;
  • Microprocessor controlled system with transformer coupled 4-wire circuits;
  • 8 independently programmable channels (on a non volatile memory);
  • Front panel Instant Program access;
  • Programmable functions: Duplex, Semi/Full Duplex mode, Return modulation;
  • Return modulation selection: 1) program output, 2) TV output, 3) external signal
  • Momentary or latching Talk and Listen functions;>
  • 10W stereo amplifier provided with a volume knob to adjust the external loudspeaker output of the STEREO-PGM IN signal;
  • Studio communication output;
  • Mute function;
  • Volume controls for earphone and loudspeaker monitoring of the return modulation or the intercom;
  • Communications to and from 4 cameras and beltpacks;
  • Power supply to beltpacks;
  • External Producer function (Channel N° 4 input);
  • Headset or microphone/loudspeaker communication.

Dual TBP dual talkback plus - technician front

The DUAL TBP TECHNICIAN intercom is an supplementary apparatus that allows to amplify the functionality of ENGINEERING intercom fitting between it and the users (cameras or other devices connected to channels lines).
The microphonic signal of TBP TECHNICIAN is added to the signal coming from the microphone of ENGINEERING intercom going to cameras or to users connected to channels lines.
The signal coming from cameras or users connected to channels lines is listened in loudspeaker by both intercoms.
To be able to connect the two intercoms are necessary pin-to-pin cables with 9 pin DB connectors.
The DUAL TBP TECHNICIAN is equipped with two microphonic inputs that can be selected through HEADSET stable button.
The HEADSET connector is 4 contact cannon and provides the necessary power supply for powered microphones.
On the same connector there is also the signal to be able to power a low or high impedance headset.
When this microphonic input starts up the loudspeaker disconnects.
The MIC connector is 3 contact cannon and provides the necessary power supply for powered microphones.The mute key stops the microphonic line.

All the inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated through quality transformer


  • Clipping max level: = 12dB/600 ohm
  • Power in loudspeaker: = 4 Watt/8 ohm
  • Pass band @ - 3dB= 200 Hz -33 KHz
  • THD @ 1 Watt= 0.1%


  • Clipping max level: = 12 dB/600 ohm
  • Pass band @ -3dB= 70 Hz -30 KHz
  • THD @ OdB= 0.01%


  • Level for compressor activation = -40 dB


  • 10 Watt @ 220 V

Dual TBP dual talkback plus - technicican back

In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.