DTS61 - double telephone switcher 6x1
12 telephone lines connected to 2 telephones

DTS61 - double telephone switcher 6x1 - front view

DTS61 contains inside 2 switchers that allow to control 6 analogical telephone lines (PSTN) through a telephone (being the apparatus double, he arrives to a total of 12 lines controlled through 2 telephones).
To the lighting of the RING led of upcoming call you can answer simply pressing the green key of the corresponding line, you can left one or more lines in stand by, to take back the line when necessary or to conclude the conversation.
DTS61 is particularly suitable to be used during telecasts with external interlocutories at telephone (TV News, Sporting Telecast, TV sales, Telephone inquries etc...)
The DTS61 is realized in a metallic container tall 1 rack unit 19" and it is endowed with embedded power supply.

DTS61 - double telephone switcher 6x1 - back view

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